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Aamras – Ullu Originals App Web Series Watch All Episode Online 2023

Aamras – Ullu Originals App Web Series

Ullu Original App achieves a new level thanks to its audacious, enticing ensemble, talent, and performance in a creative way. In the Ullu Original Application, a variety of drama web series featuring themes of love, crime, horror, sensuality, and bravery have so far wowed audiences or viewers. The web series Rain Basera, Badan Part 3, Malai 3, Secretary Part 2, Mohan Chabhiwala Part 2, Love Guru Season 2 Part 2, Khidki, Farebi Yaar, Watchman, Jaane Anjane Mein 6 Charmsukh, I Love you Part 2, Charmsukh Tapan, Samne Wali Khidki Part 2, Tawa Garam Charmsukh, and Titliyaan Part 2 have all been produced by Ullu Original App.

People’s jobs and professions annoy them in today’s hectic world. People are constantly looking for small and enjoyable pleasure because of the daily grind. Ullu Original is skilled at entertaining people by focusing their attention elsewhere.

Aamras – Web Series Overview

The Hindi-language premiere of “Amaras,” an upcoming Indian web series produced by Ullu, is set for April 4 of 2023. On the official website and Ullu app, the series will be streamable online. Farhan Ansari (Vinay), who will play the series’ main character, will take the lead. Iain Barde (pinch). Britt Jha (Aunt).

With Farhan S. Ansari playing Vinay, Dharmendra Gupta portraying Mr. Ghosh, Payal Patil playing Mrs. Ghosh, Kishore Bute playing Vinay’s father, Riya Barde playing Chutki, Bharti Jha playing Bua, Imran Shaikh playing Puppy, Jaydeep Kalsi playing Piyush, Amit Jambhekar playing Lalaji, Suruchi Verma playing Piyush’s mother

A young kid named Vinay’s life path is portrayed in the web series “Aamras” on the ullu app, emphasising both the highs and lows he encounters. Be sure to watch and listen to properly get its tale. 

Aamras – Web series Crew Members

Aamras is a provocative, dramatic, and erotic web series made by Ullu original. With new looks, synopses, and potentially even more features, Ullu App keeps its position as the market leader in the OTT area. The entire team should receive praise for the arduous work they put into creating this web series (Aamras). A high degree of sense, familial bonds, drama, sensuality, and intense wants may all be found in this online series. It will be printed in Telugu, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Hindi, and Tamil in addition to other languages. We will give you all the staff information, including the genre, the director, producer, editor, colorist, creative director, story writer, co-producer, and the date of release.

GenreDrama, Thriller, and Desire of Romance
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, Punjabi and Others
TypeWeb Series
Release Date04 April 2023
Streaming On Ullu App
ProducerUllu Original App
Directed ByHimanshu Brahmabhati
Director of PhotographyUpdate Soon
Creative DirectorUpdate Soon
StoryUpdate Soon
Co-ProducerUpdate Soon
EditorUpdate Soon
ColoristUpdate Soon
Seasons 1

Aamras – Web series Cast Real Name and Their Roles 

The joyous, seductive, and family-centred web series “Aamras” stars a very attractive actress or actor who is well known for her or his rational and ingenious performance. The leading females are Bharti Jha, Riya Barde, Pritty Dey, and Aarita Paul. The male cast includes actors Farhaan Ansarii and others (Aamras). Here, other supporting roles are scanned.

Name (Actors & Actresses)Role
Bharti JhaBua
Farhaan AnsariVinay
Riya BardeChutki
Pritty DeyRavita
Aarita Paul Nilu
Kalyanidevi JhaBanjaran
Ishwar AggarwalChottu
Kishore ButeVinay’s Father
Seroshi ChatterjeeKammo
Dharmendra GuptaMr. Ghosh
Imran ShaikhPuppy
Jaydeep KalsiPiyush
Amit JambhekarLalaji
Suruchi VermaPiyush’s Mother
Krishnanand TiwariHari Prasad

Bharti Jha

Aarita Paul

Aritaa Paul

Poonam Rajput

Payal Patil

Aamras – Web Series Trailer

There is some potential for sex, imagination, and speculative familial romantic concepts in the web series “Aamras”. They each act independently. You can see a caravan anywhere in the world. The Aamras web series trailer was not premiered by Ullu Original to their YouTube channel. The audience is eagerly awaiting this sexy, bold, and passionate web series. Aamras web series has been released directly on OTT platform Ullu App on 4th April 2023 without a trailer

Aamras – Web Series Release Date

Episodes 1 through 12 of the Aamras online series, which will only be accessible via the Ullu app, were made available on April 4, 2023. Each episode is 25 to 30 minutes long and is accessible in Hindi, English, Bhojpuri, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Tamil, among other languages.

How to Watch Aamras Web Series full episodes online?

It will be shown on the reputable OTT platform Ullu Original App. To access this (Aamras) exciting, thrilling, sense-driven, and thriller web series, a smartphone with the “Ullu original application” from the Play Store or the App Store is required. You have to do these things.

  • The Ullu app, which offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, may be used to access the series. With a subscription, users can watch any web series on the site for free.

Aamras : Ullu Original Web Series FAQs


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