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Chull Loveria Kooku App Web Series Watch All Episode Online 2023

Kooku App has revolutionised the Indian digital entertainment space by providing users with premium content. It is a popular over-the-top (OTT) streaming service that offers a plethora of web series, movies, and TV shows. In this article, we will explore the features, content, pricing, and benefits of the Kooku App. The Kooku App has a simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate through the app. It has a clean design and offers a seamless viewing experience.

The story of the web series revolves around the lives of a husband and wife. They have been married for several years and have faced their fair share of challenges. The show delves into the intricacies of their relationship, exploring the highs and lows of their romance.

The web series “Chull Loveria” explores the theme of love and romance in a relationship. The husband’s lack of romance with his wife leads him on a quest to find love. The magical Bikini transforms the husband’s life, giving him newfound confidence and attention to his wife. The wife wears the bikini, and their relationship is rekindled with the return of romance.However, there are unforeseen consequences that test the couple’s relationship.

Will the secret of the bikini be revealed or will the story continue like this. What is the secret of such a bikini that both the women do not get distracted from it. Whatever happens next will be alluring. We all have to wait till March 12, 2023. It will be streamed on Kooku App only.

Chull Loveria – Web Series Crew Members

Chull Loveria, which is a thriller, family drama and deep-desire romance web series. It will be streamed on the elegant OTT platform ‘Kooku App’. Chull Loveria is produced and directed by Kooku App and Azaad Bharti respectively. “Chull Loveria” web series is made under the banner of Azaad Bharti Creations. It is available in Hindi language only. The main cast of web series “Chull Loveria” as follows : Pooja Poddar, Rekha Chaudhary, Rohit Dey and Pratik. Other supporting characters are also in this web series. 

NameChull Loveria
GenreFamily drama and Romance fantasy
TypeWeb series
Release Date12 March 2023
Streaming On Kooku App
ProducerKooku app
ProductionAzaad Bharti Creations
Directed ByAzaad Bharti
CinematographyUpdate Soon
Executive ProducerUpdate Soon
Production DesignerUpdate Soon
Casting DirectorUpdate Soon
Screenplay and StoryUpdate Soon

Chull Loveria – Web series Cast Real Name and Their Roles 

Chull Loveria is a family drama, thriller, romance fantasy web series which includes proficient, eminent and bold actresses and actors such as Pooja Poddar, Rekha Chaudhary, Pratik and Rohit Dey. 

Name (Actors & Actresses)Role
Pooja Poddar
Rekha Chaudhary
Rohit Dey

Pooja Poddar

Chull Loveria – Web series Trailer

Chull Loveria, a web series which is a composite of Romance and superstition. Kooku App has launched the trailer of the web series named ‘Chull Loveria’ on its official YouTube channel. The audience has liked the trailer of the web series.

Chull Loveria – Web series Release Date

Chull Loveria is a family drama, fantasy of romance and thriller web series, which is streamed on Kooku App. It will be released on Sunday 12 March 2023. Viewers are going out of one’s mind to watch the “Chull Loveria” web series. 

How to watch Chull Loveria Web series full episodes online?

We can watch the drama, family romance and sense web series “Chull Loveria” only on Kooku App. It is available in Hindi languages. The streaming of Kooku App is not free, so we have to opt for premium accounts. 

  • The subscription plan of Kooku App is currently available monthly for ₹99 only. 

Chull Loveria : Kooku App Web series FAQs


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