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Kaam Tamam PrimePlay Web Series Watch All Episode Online 2023 

Kaam Tamam – PrimeShots App Web Series 

Prime Shots is raised to a new level on an uncommon basis by its cast, talent, and performance. There have already been several online series that audiences or Prime Shots programme watchers have appreciated, including romantic, crime, horror, sensuous, and tragic dramas. On Prime Shots App, a number of daring, thrilling, and swoon-worthy web series have been published to date, including Kunwara, Haye Garmi, Gupt Gyani, Seal 2, Siyapa, Jhol, and Di Do.

Our shared responsibility becomes a significant problem in and of itself because we are all so exhausted and disheartened in today’s racial existence. Prime Shots’ plot will continue to take on a horrible shape that will steer the story in an unexpected direction.

Kaam Tamam – Prime Shots App Web Series Overview | Synopsis

The web series stars Ashwin as the lead actor, who wants to free himself from the loving bonds of actress Nikki. However, despite his many efforts, he finds himself unable to free himself due to his intense desire and lust for her. What started as a simple hobby for Nikki has now turned into an all-consuming and intractable obsession that Ashwin cannot escape.

Ashwin wants to be freed from Nikki’s controlling lovelessness. However, despite his best efforts, he is unable to free himself because of his strong desire for her. What was once just a simple liking for Nikki has now developed into an addiction Ashwin can’t shake. The narrative of this web series, which is both exciting and terrifying, won’t be available anywhere else but Prime Shots until April 27, 2023, so you’ll all have to wait.

Kaam Tamam – Web series Crew Members

Kaam Tamam is an intriguing, bold, and seductive internet series. Prime Shots, as always, shakes the OTT platform with new designs, stereotypes, and suppositions; all thanks goes to their entire crew for their tireless work in this web series “Kaam Tamam.” There is a fantasy connection, drama, sensual and profound sexual fantasies in this web series. It will be available in Hindi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, and other languages. We will provide you with entire crew information, including genre, director, producer, editor, colorist, creative director, story writer, co-producer, and release date. 

NameKaam Tamam
GenreBold, Thriller, and Drama
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri and Others
TypeWeb Series
Release Date27 April 2023
Streaming On Prime Shots App
ProducerPrime Shots App
Directed ByUpdate Soon
Banner / ProductionPrime Shot Presents
Creative DirectorUpdate Soon
StoryUpdate Soon
Co-ProducerUpdate Soon
EditorUpdate Soon
ColoristUpdate Soon

Kaam Tamam – Web series Cast Real Name and Their Roles 

Kaam Tamam is a web series that has a highly powerful and hard-core actress and actor who is well-known for her or his passionate and distinctive performance. Deepika Kudtarkar and Poonam are the leading ladies. Ali Naaz in this internet series is played by a man. There are other supporting parts available.

Name (Actors & Actresses)Role
Deepika KudtarkarWife
Ali Naaz

Deepika Kudtarkar

Deepika Kudtarkar


Kaam Tamam – Web Series Trailer

Kaam Tamam is a web series about a couple’s relationship in which there is no personal space for sexual desire, speculative, family-romance notion, and fantasy. Trailers are a terrific method to reach people all over the world. On 22 April 2023, the trailer for the web series “Kaam Tamam” was uploaded on PrimeShots’ YouTube channel. Following the release of the teaser for the web series “Kaam Tamam,” the Prime Shots audience is eagerly awaiting its release and rave reviews.

Kaam Tamam – Web Series Release Date

The web series Kaam Tamam will air on Prime Shots on April 27, 2023. The trailer for this web series has gotten a lot of attention, so people are really enthusiastic about it. Everyone has a different desire to see their favourite celebrities and actresses. The general number of people is excited after seeing their excellent and breathtaking teaser (Kaam Tamam).

How to watch Kaam Tamam web series full episodes online?

It will be broadcast on Prime Shots App, a reputable OTT platform. To watch this (Kaam Tamam) daring, fantasy, sense, and thriller web series, you must have the “Prime Shots App” on your smartphone’s Play Store or App Store. You must take these steps.

  • You must first log in or create a premium account on the Prime Shots App.
  • Then you are free to watch this series on our App.

The Prime Shots App subscription is currently available for ₹99 rupees.

Kaam Tamam – Prime Shots Web Series FAQs


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