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Mol Ki Bahu CinePrime Web Series Watch All Episode Online 2023

Mol Ki Bahu : Cineprime Web Series 

Mol Ki Bahu, a web series that combines drama, romance, bold, fantasy, and suspense, will debut on March 28, 2023 on Cineprime. This post will go into great detail on the plot of Mol Ki Bahu as well as the numerous plot twists and how they keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The show is a rollercoaster of suspense and intrigue, with unexpected eliminations and surprising revelations.

You can now pass your time with the CIne Prime app. Are you prepared to see Mol Ki Bahu, a sensational and thriller new web series? This online series is being hosted by a couple of bold and hard-core actresses filled with drama and romance.

Mol Ki Bahu – Web Series Overview

Cineprime has not seen any web series full of drama, fantasy and romance for many days. As always, Cineprime serves the same type of web series that the audience has liked. The plot revolves around the lives of two women who dwell in a house. Might the daughter-in-law improve the situation?

The story of this web series revolves around a happy family, Where something different is cooking in the mind of the two beautiful daughter-in-laws of the family. In this tale, Bahu is dissatisfied because her spouse can’t satisfy her. Thus, bahu is attempting a different strategy. When a new Bahu is presented, the plot changes. 

Will the wishes of both the daughter-in-law reach the final result? The audience is very interested and greedy to know whether these two daughters-in-law will be able to satisfy their desires ahead? 

It is seen in the trailer that some new looks of Pooja Poddar and Ridhima Tiwari are seen, which will work to attract people towards themselves. Cineprime has decided to stream this web series on OTT platform on 28 March 2023. 

Mol Ki Bahu – Web Series Crew Members

Mol Ki Bahu, which is a thriller, drama, deep-desire of romance and bold web series. It will be streamed on the dignified OTT platform ‘Cineprime’. The genre of Mol Ki Bahu is thriller, drama, and romance. The main cast of the Mol Ki Bahu is as follows : Pooja Poddar, Ridhima Tiwari, and Karanveer Choudhay.  It is going to be published in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, and Malayalam. We will provide to you all crew details such as Genre, Director, Producer, Editor, Colourist, Creative Director, Story Writer, Co-Producer and Release Date.

NameMol Ki Bahu
GenreDrama, Thriller, Fantasy, and Romance
TypeWeb series
Release Date28 March 2023
Streaming On Cineprime
ProducerCine Prime Present
ProductionCine Prime Present
Directed ByUpdate Soon
Executive ProducerUpdate Soon
Production DesignerUpdate Soon
Casting DirectorUpdate Soon
Screenplay and StoryUpdate Soon

Mol Ki Bahu – Web Series Cast Real Name and Their Roles

A very amazing, haunting, mesmerising, and sexy actress who is well-known for her or his customised and distinctive performance is included in the web series Mol Ki Bahu, which is an amusement, intriguing, romance, and family-drama. Lead actress roles are played by Pooja Poddar and Ridhima Tiwari. In the online series Mol Ki Bahu, the male cast is as follows: Here are descriptions of more supporting roles.

Name (Actors & Actresses)Role
Pooja PoddarAs Bahu
Ridhima Tiwari (Natasha Rajeshwari)As Bahu
Karanveer ChoudhayAs Sasur

Pooja Poddar

Ridhima Tiwari

Mol Ki Bahu – Web Series Trailer

A web series called Mol Ki Bahu follows the sexual aspirations of two daughters-in-law. It is dramatic, speculative, and fantastical. A caravan can be viewed everywhere in the world. The web series trailer was made available on the Cineprime YouTube channel. The audience of the CinePrime app is eagerly anticipating this sexual, audacious, thriller, fantasy of want, and romance web series after watching the trailer for “Mol Ki Bahu.”

Mol Ki Bahu – Web Series Release Date

The Mol Ki Bahu web series will only be accessible via the CinePrime app starting on March 28, 2023. Because of its caravan’s remarkable and extraordinary qualities, people are eagerly anticipating this web series. The desire, fantasy, and sense among the audience members to see their white-headed actor and actress are strong. After watching their amazing and dramatic trailer, the general public has been eagerly anticipating it (Mol Ki Bahu).

How to watch Mol Ki Bahu Web Series Full Episodes Online?

It will be broadcast on the popular OTT platform CinePrime App. You must have the “CinePrime Application” on your smartphone’s Play Store or App Store in order to watch this (Mol Ki Bahu) brave, thrilling, romantic, deep-desire, sense, and thriller web series. You have to do these things.

  • You must first log in or sign up for a premium account in order to use the CinePrime App.
  • Then you are entitled to watch this series on our app with ease.

Currently, a CinePrime App subscription costs ₹99 a month.

Mol Ki Bahu : CinePrime Web Series FAQs


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