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Pathshala Part 2 – Rabbit App Web Series Watch All Episode Online 2023

Pathshala Part 2 – Rabbit App Web Series

A new era of web series has emerged in the twenty-first century, which has led to the establishment of numerous digital OTT platforms such as Rabbit Movies App and others. With its next web series, Rabbit Movies App Platform is reaching new heights with its deep-desire, humour, thriller, crime, love-fantasy, sense, and oddity. Space-age, gorgeous performers and actresses with a reputation for bravado, sensationalism, and temperament can be found on the Rabbit Cinema App.

Web series by Rabbit Original are renowned for being sensual, romantic, spicy, and thrilling. The trailer for the next upcoming web series on Rabbit Movies App has been released. Whose name is Part 2 of Pathshala? 

Pathshala Part 2 – Web Series Overview

The much anticipated “Pathshala Part 2” web series, family drama, and love. For their tireless work, the entire Primeplay team deserves commendation. Kamalika Chanda, Ankita Dave, Sonal Waghmare, Jim Malviya, Kabir, Avinash Kumar, and Zaid Ahmed portray the show’s key characters. Just on Rabbit Movies, enjoy the online series.

A village teacher named “Malai Bhabhi” serves as the central character in the web series Pathshala 2. To her students, she teaches a variety of courses, including adult education. But as they read it, every pupil loses control and starts to desire to engage in adult learning. What will take place next? 

What occurs next, and what style the tale of these teachers and her students comes in. Will their futures be good or will this be the end of their story? We all need to wait till May 6, 2022, to witness that.

Pathshala Part 2 – Web series Crew Members

Love, family drama, and the eagerly awaited “Pathshala Part 2” web series. The entire Primeplay crew deserves praise for their tireless work on the web series Pathshala Part 2, which never ceases to astound the OTT platform with fresh ideas, absurd theories, and dumb nonsense.

In this online series, the exploration of thrilling, sensational, sexual ecstasy with fertility and an uncommon appetite for sexual demands is done. Hindi will be the language of the publication. The whole cast will be revealed, along with details about the genre, co-producer, director, editor, colorist, creative director, and release date.

NamePathshala Part 2
GenreDrama, Bold, and Thriller 
TypeWeb Series
Release Date06 May 2022
Streaming On Rabbit app
ProducerRabbit app
Directed ByUpdate Soon
Director of PhotographyUpdate Soon
Creative DirectorUpdate Soon
StoryUpdate Soon
Co-ProducerUpdate Soon
EditorUpdate Soon
ColoristUpdate Soon
Seasons 1

Pathshala Part 2 – Web series Cast Real Name and Their Roles 

A very amazing and jaw-dropping actress and actor who is extremely well-known for her or his emotive and distinctive performance is included in Pathshala Part 2, a web series that is luxurious, sexual, and tragic. The leading ladies are Ankita Dave, Sonal Waghmare, and Kamalika Chanda. In this web series, the male cast is as follows: Deepak Raj and Akshay Kumar. Here, more supporting roles are discussed.

Name (Actors & Actresses)Role
Ankita Dave
Kamalika ChandaTeacher
Sonal WaghmareStudent Girl
Deepak Raj
Akshay Kumar
Jim Malviya

Ankita Dave

Kamalika Chanda

Pathshala Part 2 – Web Series Trailer

There is room for sexual desire, intense love, and fantasy in the teacher-student relationship in the web series Pathshala Part 2. Everywhere in the world can be reached with a caravan. The Pathshala Part 2 trailer was made available on the Rabbit Movies YouTube account. The audience of the Rabbit Movies app is eager to learn when the web series “Pathshala Bhag 2” will be released and the applauding evaluations are on the way after watching the trailer.

Pathshala Part 2 – Web Series Release Date

On May 6, 2023, the Rabbit Movies App will be the only place to watch the Pathshala Part 2 web series. Because the caravan has been so widely viewed, people are quite excited about this web series. The audience or viewers want to watch their favourite actor or actress for a different reason. After watching their captivating and appealing trailer, the entire public is impatiently waiting for it (Pathshala Part 2) to arrive..

How to Watch Pathshala Part 2 Web Series full episodes online?

It will be shown on the OTT service Rabbit. You can watch the gripping, dramatic, and thrilling online series “Pathshala Part 2” by downloading the “Rabbit app” from the Play Store or App Store on your smartphone. You have to do these things.

  • You must sign in or up for a premium account in the Rabbit app in order to continue.
  • Then you are entitled to watch this series on our app with ease.

Pathshala Part 2 : Rabbit Movies App Web Series FAQs


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