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Ranjish – Hunters App Web Series Watch All Episode Online 2023

Ranjish – Hunters App Web Series

Hunters App is renowned for its distinctive web series with, as always, 18+ content. The user’s preferences are always given top consideration by the Hunters App. The trailer for the brand-new drama, fantasy, and romance web series from Hunters App has just been released. The Indian public is anticipated to be very interested in the web series themes of family drama, jealousy, and romance. Due to its impending popularity on the OTT digital platform, we will talk about the web series Hunters App today..

Ranjish – Web Series Overview

This web series’ plot revolves around a couple who share a home with their daughter. There is no place for romance and happiness between couples. The story starts with the couple’s family drama where both complain to each other. Husband does affairs with his maid to satisfy his physical needs.

The story takes an exciting turn when the couple’s daughter turns out to be a lesbian and develops a physical relationship with her housemaid to satisfy her sexual needs. One day the wife of the couple comes to know the reality of what is going on in the house. She throws her maid out of the house and a new boy enters the house.

Will the couple’s wife now start a sexual relationship with her own maid boy to fulfill her sexual needs? Will everyone in the house cross their limits? The web series Ranjish will be available in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. Ranjish, a web series, is highly awaited. Ranjish is set to debut in the Hunters App on April 5th, 2023. With the use of Hunters App, subscribers who are 18 years of age or older will have access to Ranjish on OTT platforms.

Ranjish – Web Series Crew Members

A web serial called Ranjish combines romance, a strong sexual urge, and familial drama. Hunters App continues to rule the OTT market thanks to its creative concepts, fantastic story, and envious abstract. The team deserves all the credit for their tireless work on this web series (Ranjish).

    This online drama and thriller features weird and compelling romantic and love cravings. It will be made available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam. The whole cast’s details, including the genre, co-producer, director, editor, colorist, creative director, and release date, will be provided to you.

    GenreFamily-Drama, Desire, Fantasy, and Romance
    LanguageHindi, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam
    TypeWeb Series
    Release Date05 April 2023
    Streaming On Hunters App
    ProducerHunters Presents
    Directed ByPourus
    Director of PhotographyUpdate Soon
    Creative DirectorUpdate Soon
    StoryUpdate Soon
    Co-ProducerUpdate Soon
    EditorUpdate Soon
    ColoristUpdate Soon
    Seasons 1

    Ranjish – Web Series Cast Real Name and Their Roles

    The web series Ranjish, which is about an addiction for sexual needs, features a well-known, attractive, and powerful actress and actor. These performers are renowned for their heartfelt portrayals in the show’s sentimental passages. Kamalika Chanda and Ekta More serve as the main female protagonists for the online series. There are more auxiliary responsibilities.

    Name (Actors & Actresses)Role
    Kamalika ChandaWife
    Ekta MoreDaughter
    Ashraf SaifeeHusband

    Kamalika Chanda

    Kamalika Chanda

    Ekta More

    Ranjish – Web Series Trailer

    The viewership for your web series should improve as a result of a compelling trailer. This is critical, especially for newly released shows or ones with a smaller fan base. It is expected that after watching the trailer, people would be eager for the future release. The Hunter app’s YouTube channel features the teaser for the web series “Ranjish.” The Ranjish web series’ teaser was unveiled on April 2, 2023.

    Ranjish – Web Series Release Date

    The most important aspect of a web series is when it debuts. In this article, we will cover all the facts you need to know about web series release dates. Starting April 5, 2023, the Ranjish online series will only be available on the Hunters App.

    How to Watch Ranjish Web Series Full Episodes Online?

    It will be streamed via Hunters App, an OTT service. The “Hunters App” must already be installed on your smartphone in order for you to experience this “Ranjish” exciting, dramatic, and fascinating online series. You have to do these things.

    • You must first log in or sign up for a premium account on Hunters App.
    • Then you are entitled to watch this series on our app with ease.

    Ranjish Web Series FAQs


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