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Remote Control – CinePrime Web Series Watch All Episode Online 2023

Remote Control – CinePrime Web Series 

On April 7, 2023, Cineprime will premiere Remote Control, a web series that combines drama, romance, fantasy, and suspense. The story of Remote Control, as well as the many narrative twists and how they keep viewers on the edge of their seats, will be covered in great length in this essay. The show has unexpected eliminations and shocking revelations, making it a suspenseful and intriguing rollercoaster.

The Cine Prime app is now available for entertainment. Are you ready to see the amazing and exciting new online series Remote Control? A couple of fearless, hard-core actresses are hosting this web series, and they pack it with romance and drama.

Remote Control – Web Series Overview

The story of remote control a boy whose name is Bunty keeps on going back and forth in his regular routine. Bunty is now a college student and he is a very innocent and weak boy. Bunty meets many boys in the college and does not behave well with them and beats them. One day Bunty’s friend comes to his house and gives him a magical remote control.

When the remote control falls in the hands of Bunty, her whole life suddenly changes. that remote control used to control other people. Then those who used to surprise Bunty, he would have started learning a lesson. Bunty falls in love with a girl named Misty. Misty is a nice and gorgeous girl. Misty has an affair with a boy named Vikas. 

What next will Bunty do by using his remote control to get Misty back in her life? Will Bunty use that remote control to take undue advantage of someone else? Whatever happens, the viewers of Cine Prime are going to like this story very much.

Remote Control – Web Series Crew Members

Thriller, drama, desire, and audacity are all there in the online series Remote Control. On the elegant OTT platform “Cineprime,” it will be streamed. Drama, romance, and thrillers make up the genres of Remote Control. This is a list of the main characters in Remote Control. A Shweta Ghosh. Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bhojpuri, and Malayalam are among the languages it will be published in. All crew information, including the genre, the director, the producer, the editor, the colorist, the creative director, the story writer, the co-producer, and the release date, will be made available to you.

NameRemote Control
GenreDrama, Thriller, and Suspense
TypeWeb series
Release Date07 April 2023
Streaming On Cine Prime App
ProducerCine Prime 
ProductionCine Prime Present
Directed ByJasbir Bhati
Executive ProducerUpdate Soon
Production DesignerUpdate Soon
Casting DirectorUpdate Soon
Screenplay and StoryUpdate Soon

Remote Control – Web Series Cast Real Name and Their Roles

The online series Remote Control, which is an entertaining, interesting, romance, and family-drama, features a very outstanding, haunting, mesmerising, and sensual actress who is well-known for her or his customised and distinctive performance. Shweta Ghosh performs the part of the lead actress. The male cast members of the web series Remote Control are Ravi Seth and Ayaz Khan. Further supporting role descriptions can be found below.

Name (Actors & Actresses)Role
Shweta GhoshMisty
Ayaz Khan
Ravi Seth

Shweta Ghosh

Remote Control – Web Series Trailer

A student’s entire life is followed in the web series Remote Control. It is dramatic, fanciful, and speculative. You can see a caravan anywhere in the world. The web series trailer debuted on the Cine Prime YouTube account on April 3, 2023. After witnessing the “Remote Control” trailer, the CinePrime app’s audience is eagerly anticipating this sensual, bold, thriller, fantasy of want, and romance web series.

Remote Control – Web Series Release Date

Beginning on April 7, 2023, the Remote Control web series will only be available through the CinePrime app. People eagerly anticipate this web series because of the unusual and extraordinary attributes of its caravan. The audience members have a great desire, fantasy, and sense to watch their white-headed actor and actress. The general audience has been eagerly expecting it since seeing their incredible and dramatic trailer (Remote Control).

How to watch Remote Control Web Series Full Episodes Online?

CinePrime App, a well-known OTT service, will broadcast it. This courageous, thrilling, passionate, deep-desire, sense, and thriller web series can only be viewed using the “CinePrime Application,” which can be found on the Play Store or App Store of your smartphone. These actions are mandatory.

  • The CinePrime App cannot be used without either logging in or creating a premium account.
  • You are then permitted to easily view this series on our app.

A CinePrime App membership is currently ₹99 per month.

Remote Control : CinePrrime Web Series FAQs


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